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Co-creating the future of mental health care

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A thriving, connected global therapist community

We are creating a new business model for therapy built on shared ownership and decision-making.


What is a DAO?
Decentralized Autonomous Organization

A DAO is a new business model allowing groups of people to communally own, manage, and govern an organization. 

  • No one owner or hierarchy.

  • Engaged community shares governance, voting, and organization building.

  • Encoded 'smart contracts' automate a lot of paperwork.

  • Operations can function automatically once set in code by the community.

  • Community works toward a common goal: empowering therapists to own the business of mental health.

This is the future of
.mental health care

Supportive Community

  • We know clinicians need to feel supported, healthy, and connected to do their best work.

  • We commit to active work to undo systems of oppression, such as racism.

Quality care & unrelenting ethics

  • We believe therapy is a sacred space and should be treated as such.

  • We utilize evidence-based practices to improve all elements of care.

Tailored care and consulting

  • We understand every client and organization is unique and customize our services to meet their goals.

  • Many therapists in our community have personal experience operating in web3 and decentralized organizations.

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