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The future of mental health care will be owned by therapists

TherapistsDAO is building a virtual mental health clinic co-owned and co-governed by licensed clinicians. Clinical services launching by 2024.

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To meet global mental health needs, we believe therapists should...

Be paid a just amount while finding creative solutions to make therapy affordable and accessible to all.

Be rewarded in both cash and equity (shared ownership) for the services we offer.

Have opportunities for paid non-clinical work to help prevent burn out in our therapist role. 

Determine the clinical policies and practices for clinics and mental health care companies.

Have a connected community where therapists can receive support, share skills, and feel energized in.

TherapistsDAO is using web3 technology to make this future a reality.
(and you don't need to be a techy person to join!)

Paper Abstract

You might be a good fit if you are a licensed therapist who...

  • Values therapist autonomy and the preservation of ethical, quality care.

  • Is willing to collaborate and be an active part of a community aiming to dismantle systems of oppression, especially racism.

  • Wants to be a part of an engaged community working together on an innovative business idea while supporting one another around clinical care and therapist life.

  • Wants to undo traditional thinking around hierarchy and how organizations operate

TherapistsDAO might NOT be a good fit for you if...

  • You currently do not hold a license to provide psychotherapy
    (but please get back to us when you get it!). 

  • You are content in your existing understanding of racism and other isms.

  • Learning from peers with racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds that are different from your own is not a current priority for you.

  • You find hierarchical and homogenous organizational structures comfortable or necessary for effective work.

TherapistsDAO is putting therapists back in charge of the business of mental health.


What is the purpose of the DAO? 
What are you even building?

We are building a thriving, connected community of therapists using a decentralized organizational structure. In addition to creating a virtual mental health clinic, we offer corporate social work and consultation services to businesses around wellness, leadership, and mental health.

What non-clinical roles are available for therapists?

Many! Examples include work on our marketing team, such as social media and website improvements. Other roles include, but are not limited to, developing work flows and Standard Operating Procedures, welcoming new members, fundraising, exploring tokenomics and the financial side of the business. 

How will licensing laws affect your global virtual clinic?

Maintaining legal compliance in all areas, including licensing, is a priority. Each of our mental health professionals are licensed and qualified to practice psychotherapy in their respective areas (i.e. states, countries, etc…) and client referrals will be matched accordingly.

What if I'm interested in doing therapy only?

This is absolutely fine! Fill out this form and indicate your interest in joining the Clinical Only pathway. We will contact you when the time comes for you to join.

How does decision-making work?

As a decentralized system, decision-making is a collective effort amongst the team. For smaller decisions, voting is done among members of the workgroup completing the task. For larger decisions, community-wide voting is encouraged. Currently, this is happening within our Slack channel and during All DAO Member meetings, which happen 2x per month.

What is the time of financial commitment to join?

There is no initial financial investment to join TherapistsDAO. We ask that you contribute with your time. The current time commitment we are asking of members is 2-5 hours per week.

What is a security token? And what does it have to do with the DAO?

A security token operates like a share in a company. Just like a share, today it's not worth much, but as we grow, it becomes more valuable. You can earn security tokens for contributing to the DAO, such as by helping onboard new members, doing work on committees, or providing trainings to other DAO members. Once launched, you will be able to sell those security tokens to accredited investors on open exchanges set up for this purpose. We are seeking legal guidance to ensure the process is compliant with SEC regulations.

“I always wanted to work with companies/orgs in a consulting capacity, but didn't know how to start the process nor have the resources to make it happen. I also liked the idea of therapists behind the wheel when it came to mental health care and accessibility.
My experience so far...
It’s been an innovative and collaborative experience. Seeing other therapists be passionate and committed to the DAO is inspiring."

Carla Brizuela-Perez, LCSW

Watch our free webinar to learn more...

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