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TherapistsDAO is using web3 technology to make this future a reality.
(but you don't need to be a techy person to join!)

What is Web3?
A Brief History of the Internet

Late 1990's

We engaged with websites like billboards, where we read information and left. 


This is like your individual therapist website.

Web 2

2000's - Present

We engage with each other on platforms owned by big companies.


All the value is created by users, but the value is captured by the company. 

This is like social media (such as Meta) as well as big virtual clinics that are often in the news for unethical practices.  

Web 3

Present - Future

We engage with each other through connected communities that own and operate the platforms we use. 


Power is distributed and communities make decisions. 


Meet TherapistsDAO.

Web 1

Web3 can Improve the 
Business of Mental Health

Current Trends

  • Large clinics dictate therapist pay & practices

  • “Uberization” of contract therapists

  • All equity and revenue flows to investors

  • Single person (often not a clinician) sets policies and ethics for clinical care

  • Trust issues

  • Community is rare and unpaid

  • Therapists only paid for clinical work

Web3 Potential

  • Community of therapists set rates and practices

  • Therapists free to determine caseload

  • Therapists own and share revenue and equity

  • Group decision-making and accountability

  • Transparent and credible

  • Community engagement is systemized and rewarded

  • Paid opportunities for non-clinical work

TherapistsDAO is putting therapists back in charge of the business of mental health.

What is a DAO?
Decentralized Autonomous Organization

A DAO is a new business model allowing groups of people to communally own, manage, and govern an organization. 

  • No one owner or hierarchy.

  • Engaged community shares governance, voting, and organization building.

  • Encoded 'smart contracts' automate a lot of paperwork.

  • Operations can function automatically once set in code by the community.

  • Community works toward a common goal: empowering therapists to own the business of mental health.

Watch our free webinar to learn more...

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