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We support the emotional needs and well-being of organizations and individuals.

Looking for Organizational Support?

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Your staff and organization are struggling. Experienced therapists are here to help.

Our coaching and clinical services can help:

  • Improve morale

  • Increase retention

  • Enhance productivity

  • Decrease conflict

  • Build cohesive, aligned teams


As a community of licensed therapists, we provide both B2B and B2C services built on quality care, unrelenting ethics, and evidence-based practices.


Organizational Consulting

Organizational consulting packages are tailored to the values, goals, and culture of the teams and organizations with whom we work.


Services include leadership training, facilitating conflict resolution within and between work teams, and offering recommendations on the development of work teams, processes, and related power structures.

Leadership Presentation

Employee Workshops

We facilitate engaging and experiential employee workshops to enhance employee resilience and emotional well-being.


Topics include a breadth of psychoeducational skills and insights, such as primers about therapy, self-care, finding work-life balance, and improving communication skills.


(Employee Assistance Program)

We contract with web3 companies to create benefits of sustainable staffing, decreased employee turnover, and improved work relationships and productivity.


Our EAP services provide  employees with evidence-based psychotherapy and coaching to ensure employees have a dedicated and easily-accessible resource for their mental health needs. 

TherapistsDAO is ready to help! 

Our therapists are ready to support the emotional well-being of your employees.

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