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Creating A Community for Therapists by Therapists

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Now more than ever therapists feel the pressure of their career, with enhanced work demands, increased caseloads, and an ongoing need to bridge the gap in mental health services. There are several articles referencing the need for therapists and psychological support during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. However, ask any mental health professional and they will tell you that this need did not just sprout in 2020. Public mental health and psychological distress have always been an important concern that should be addressed, a global pandemic just highlighted and escalated the need further. As we slowly moved past Covid-19, lockdowns and quarantines, there appeared to be a renewed appreciation for the health of the mind. So often thought of as intense and unpredictable “mental illnesses,” problems such as depression and anxiety came to the forefront and we came to understand them as normal reactions to abnormal circumstances.

Though we therapists had a collective sigh of relief to hear mental health spoken about in a positive light, with the shift in views came an increased demand for care. In supporting our clients and advocating for them within psychological services governed by larger clinical bodies, therapists often felt the strain of restrictive and potentially hierarchical structures outside our control. These organizational pressures alongside clinical work and general anxieties related to Covid-19 led to increased rates of therapist burnout in this period. Our work – often emotionally charged in nature – requires peer support and supervision, personal reflection, and space and time to recharge and recover. These necessities became more of a luxury due to the effort needed to meet all the demands in a short span of time. There was little time to explore other avenues in our field such as learning about new aspects of psychology, speaking to other therapists working with different client populations, and sharing a variety of ideas and experiences to advance our understanding of the subject. In short, it was difficult to find and connect with the larger therapist community.

In an effort to strengthen the bonds in our community, engage in the opportunity to learn from one another, and reduce incidence of burnout, the Therapists DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) was developed. By using blockchain technology within the web3 space, a DAO is defined by experts as a “community-led entity with no centralized authority.” The aim is to create a dynamic and transparent organization where each member has voting power to make decisions for the good of the group. The Therapists DAO will build a strong community of unique mental health professionals who will work together towards the goal of developing a virtual clinic and enhancing standards of wellbeing and mental health within the web3 space. The general concept is that every member brings value and receives community support.

As decentralization dictates equality amongst the community, each therapist who is a member is encouraged and empowered to share their opinions and voice their viewpoints regardless of their backgrounds. This leads to an unparalleled system of diversity and creativity as individual therapists from all over the world can provide insight, broadening the overall perspective of the group. For instance, one can discuss and be informed of how to support marginalized populations often overlooked by the public through other members with first-hand experience. The community created through this effort can contribute to each other’s learnings in both clinical and non-clinical skills.

At present, our therapist members demonstrate a diverse range of organizational and corporate skills, in addition to being licensed and effective mental health clinicians. These include research and data analytics, marketing, program development, content creation, and community management to name a few. These distinctive contributions in addition to varied life experiences and backgrounds are shared with the community. Members will not only learn about different skills but can also utilize and build on them in a supportive environment.

Of note, this DAO values humility, equality, openness, and a non-judgmental attitude because the overall aim is for members to grow together. This is achieved through allowing members to speak freely about their experiences as a therapist, discuss struggles with burnout, confer on methods of recovery, support each other, and heal together as a fortified group. Therefore, the Therapists DAO provides an exciting opportunity to create an empowered community of like minded individuals.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read through this article. If you are interested in this community and would like to learn more about the Therapists DAO please feel free to watch our informational webinar here:

Further, if you would like to meet the team and attend a live webinar, please sign up by emailing for more information.


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